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Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response Software

Interactive Voice Response Software Solutions

interactive voice response software Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions including our unique IVR software library.

DSC IVR applications operate in a client/server environment. The IVR program can run on the IVR phone system or on a different server that is processing your application programs.

The IVR program now has complete access to all of the same information as your application programs. It can actually perform call center functions such as dealer lookup, account information access and update, etc. and simply transfer the result information to the our phone system to be relayed to the caller.

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IVR Software Features

Some of the basic features of the our IVR programming system are:

    ivr software system
  • Client/server architecture
  • Visual Basic, C, C++, Active-X, and .NET support
  • VoiceXML data access
  • DNIS controlled
  • Inbound and outbound call processing
  • Record messages
  • Play music on hold
  • Multiple IVR scripts
  • Play message and prompt
  • Play mixture of recorded message and text
  • Phone key input
  • User navigation and selection
  • Voice mail
  • Database access and update
  • Text to speech (TTS)
  • Perform application functions
  • IVR response logging and reports

IVR Programming Environment

The DSC IVR comes with several libraries that are compatible with multiple programming languages. The following are the languages currently supported:

  • C and C++ programming languages
  • Visual basic (Microsoft)
  • Active-X
  • .NET
Contact DSC for the latest user guide's associated with these and other programming languages.

Missouri Soybean Association

interactive voice response software

"Missouri Soybean Programs facilitate the development of value-added, new generation businesses from inspired ideas through innovative implementations. Missouri soybean farmers first visualize new business ideas and present them to the Missouri Soybean staff for raw feasibility determination." -

The Missouri Soybean Association has contracted with Database Systems Corp. to provide interactive voice response technology and services to satisfy information requests from its members. Using our interactive voice response software, DSC provides callers with the latest information about programs and climate conditions. The Missouri Soybean Association staff can update this information from their location using our 800 number recording service.

How Our IVR Works

DSC's IVR solutions work in a client/server environment. The client interactive voice response application processes the actual custom call answering program while the actual IVR phone system resides on the server. Upon receiving an incoming phone call, the DSC phone system employs the DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) to check for an IVR script. The IVR client process (IVR Application) invokes a server process on the IVR phone system and starts a two-way communication.

An IVR program controls the flow of the IVR script by prompting the caller and requesting key input or directing the caller to another DNIS, extension, or Voice Mail. In the process, this IVR program can perform any application function including report generation, customer information lookup, etc.

Our IVR can also initiate outbound calls and prompt the called individual with the same messages (and text) and accept phone key input from this individual as well. The caller and called individual can likewise be “connected”.

Other Interactive Voice Response Products

Besides offering interactive voice response software, Database Systems Corp. provides a complete line of custom IVR services and phone systems.

    Interactive Voice Response Systems

    interactive voice response systems DSC offers affordable and expandable IVR phone systems. These solutions include a modern Windows PC with Dialogic computer telephony IVR components. When combined with our extensive interactive voice response software, these phone systems can perform both inbound call distribution as well as outbound calling campaigns.

    The WIZARD interactive voice response system is an analog phone system that is our entry level call center phone system. This phone supports up to 48 analog phone lines. If your calling center requires more lines, our PACER digital phone system can be used in environments where T1 phone line support is required. The PACER phone system can support up to 480 phone lines and be networked to support many multiples of this number.

    Interactive Voice Response Services

    interactive voice response development Besides providing call answering phone systems and computer telephony solutions, DSC provides IVR services at its secure and redundant data center located in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Using IVR technology, our experienced development staff can design and program your inbound calling campaigns quickly and efficiently. And you will find our custom IVR development services are quite affordable.

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