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Linux IVR Solutions
Linux IVR Phone Software

custom Linux IVR Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides data processing services and computer telephony products including IVR phone systems and supporting call processing software. DSC IVR solutions include Intel processors with an embedded Windows OS. IVR application development software libraries are supported for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Phone systems incorporate Dialogic computer telephony boards to handle the low-level processing of phone calls.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is a computer phone answering system that allows a person, typically a caller although it can also be a call recipient, to select an option from a phone menu and perform transactions by interacting with a computer system.

The IVR can also be programmed to transfer calls to appropriate extensions for live interactions. Automated phone transactions can be as simple as obtaining account balances or as complex as performing sophisticated ordering transactions.

An IVR prompts the caller with a pre-recorded voice message and the caller is instructed to press (or say) a number on a telephone keypad to select the option. Some IVRS allow callers to speak simple replies such as "yes", "no", or a number that corresponds with the voice prompts.

DSC also supplies complete Linux IVR software that lets you create your own calling program. DSC can also develop your custom ivr application.

Contact DSC to learn more about our Linux IVR development environment and phone systems.

Linux IVR Development Features

Some of the basic features of the our Linux IVR programming environment are:

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  • Client/server architecture
  • VoiceXML data access
  • DNIS controlled
  • Inbound and outbound call processing
  • Record messages
  • Play music on hold
  • Multiple IVR scripts
  • Play message and prompt
  • Play mixture of recorded message and text
  • Phone key input
  • User navigation and selection
  • Voice mail
  • Database access and update
  • Text to speech (TTS)
  • Perform application functions
  • Visual Basic, C, C++, Active-X, and .NET support
  • IVR response logging and reports

Linux IVR Software Environment

The DSC IVR comes with several libraries that are compatible with multiple programming languages and multiple operating environments including Linux and Windows. The following are the languages currently supported:

  • C and C++ programming languages
  • Visual basic (Microsoft)
  • Active-X
  • .NET
Contact DSC for the latest IVR user guides associated with these and other programming languages.

Linux IVR Development Software

Linux ivr software DSC has developed a comprehensive IVR software library that can be used with most modern languages including C / C++ and other Linux compatible programming tools.

This Linux based IVR software uses recorded voice prompts as menus to provide callers with information maintained in the application or in remote databases or web servers. Telephone keypad entries (DTMF signals) are gathered from the caller to collect information and to provide navigation through simple to complex IVR menu structures.

DSC custom Linux IVR software provides information back to the caller in the form of pre-recorded voice messages or data that is converted realtime using our text to speech translators. The IVR can also route the caller to a representative local to the center or transfer the call to an outside telephone number.

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