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About Us
Database Systems Corp.

custom IVR about us Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a privately held U.S. corporation that is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1978, we have been providing computer software products and call center technology for a wide variety of industries and government organizations including interactive voice response (IVR) technology products.

DSC provides IVR solutions and interactive voice response outsourcing services. These systems and services include computer telephony integration products, customer relationship management software, automatic call distribution systems, interactive voice response programs, emergency phone dialers, etc.

Database likewise provides consulting services relating to our call center software solutions including in-house and on-site training, customer support and maintenance, and customized development. DSC provides the PACER and WIZARD call center phone systems which provide full call center telephony features. Included in these phone systems are our award winning interactive voice response software and ACD software including IVR ACD integration solutions. Both commercial and IVR systems and services are provided by our organization, along with our voice broadcasting phone solutions. If you would like additional information, please use our Contact Us form or give us a call.

Database Systems Corp. Location

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Office Address:

Database Systems Corp.
2550 W. Union Hills Dr. Suite 350
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Mailing Address:

Database Systems Corp.
P.O. Box 11990
Glendale, AZ 85318

(602) 265 5968

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