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interactive voice response survey

IVR Surveys
Custom Automated Phone Surveys

custom IVR surveys IVR Surveys are automated phone programs that allow callers to answer questions without human intervention. Callers respond to questions by either pressing phone keys or by responding with voice answers that are recorded for later analysis.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been developing computer information systems since 1978. Our modern call processing solutions range from computer telephony software to call center phone systems and services including building and conducting IVR phone surveys.

Another form of IVR survey is a computer assisted telephone interview (CATI) application. This survey method uses DSC's award winning interactive voice response software. Automatic phone interviews can be initiated by outbound phone calls or can be a response to caller requests.

DSC provides our clients with simple to complex IVR survey applications. These solutions are developed using our own Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software. Inbound phone surveys can be processed using this highly adaptable application. Outbound telephone surveys can likewise be initiated by delivering telephone survey calls to potential responders.

The telephone survey can be programmed to accept phone key responses or can simply have their responses recorded for transcription or analysis.

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IVR Survey Features

Our automated IVR telephone survey application can be customized to meet the complex requirements of virtually any organization. DSC's professional staff can develop your telephone surveys in a timely and economic fashion.

If you wish to create your own automated phone surveys, DSC provides all of the training and tools required to accomplish this task. The following are just a few of the features of our IVR survey software and systems.

  • IVR Survey Generator
  • Randomized Questioning
  • Complex Response Analysis and Branching
  • Unlimited Phone Menu Branching
  • Unlimited Phone Survey Questions & Responses
  • Unlimited Recorded Digit Responses
  • Unlimited Recorded Voice Responses
  • Customized Summary Reports
  • Interview Question Time-out Feature
  • Text To Speech Data Question Insertion
  • Transfer Respondent To a Live Interviewer

Customer Profile - Medtronic

"Medtronic is the world leader in medical technology providing lifelong solutions for people with chronic disease. Medtronic offers products, therapies and services that enhance or extend the lives of millions of people. Each year, 5 million patients benefit from Medtronic's technology which is used to treat conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, and vascular illnesses." - www.medtronic

Medtronic selected Database Systems Corp. to provide an automated IVR telephone survey for its employees. Medtronic employees take this survey at their schedule by calling an 800 number service hosted at our call center. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Employees enter an identification number on the phone keypad and listen to the current week's medical process or procedure. Employees then answers several questions to ensure that the training and information is properly understood. This entire procedure is performed automatically over the phone using touch phone key responses.

IVR Survey System Features

If your organization requires a turnkey IVR phone system to process surveys, DSC can provide a state-of-the-art phone system that can manage your calling programs. This phone system is comprised of an Intel processor using Dialogic telephony boards to process phone calls and is capable of handling inbound calls as well as launching an outbound phone campaign.

    IVR survey system
  • Industrial Quality PC (Monitor Optional)
  • Intel/Dialogic Telephony Card(s)
  • PACER supports 24 - 480 Digital Lines Per System
  • WIZARD support 1 - 96 analog phone lines
  • Integrated IVR / ACD software
  • Multiple Networked Systems Working In Parallel
  • Windows OS
  • Multiple IVR Scripts
  • IVR Software Development Libraries
  • Text To Speech Integration
  • Touch Phone Navigation
  • Hearing Impaired TDD / TTY Phone device support
  • Call Monitoring and Recording
  • Message Forwarding

IVR Outsourcing Services

Database Systems Corp. provides complete phone survey development and outsourcing services at our secure data center. IVR survey customers are provided the following features when using our outsourcing services:

  • Your Own 800 Number
  • Simple To Complex Survey Routing
  • Database Access and Update
  • Unlimited Survey Questions
  • Website and Server Data Access
  • Text To Speech Converter
  • Call Recording and Retrieval Service
  • Professional Voice Prompts
  • Outside Phone Transfer Upon Completion
  • Online Reporting
  • Much More....

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