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IVR Information
Interactive Voice Response

Information About IVR Systems and Services

IVR information Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading IVR company and provides IVR applications developed by our experienced staff. Since 1978, DSC has been providing computer related solutions including software applications and computer systems.

Using the latest IVR design concepts, DSC provides call answering applications for its service clients as well as IVR phone systems. These systems reside in call centers or stand-alone departments requiring call processing capabilities.

DSC employs a professional staff of engineers and customer support representatives that can provide simple to complex IVR applications. These professionals can design, develop, and implement a phone application for your organization and have it operational within a minimum amount of time.

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IVR Information

Database Systems Corp. provides a complete line of custom IVR products and services. The following IVR information is provided to assist you in learning more about how Database Systems Corp. can satify your call processing needs.

IVR Design Process

Database Systems Corp. developers use the traditional systems approach when creating interactive voice response applications for clients (both systems and hosted IVR customers). The following are the basic development steps performed by the development team at DSC.

Hosted IVR Services

custom hosted ivr hosting DSC maintains its own secure data center that provides phone answering services for our customers. Using PACER IVR phone systems and IVR software, DSC provides comprehensive and affordable custom IVR solutions to virtually any size organization including government departments and businesses and corporations.

Our turnkey IVR hosting service processes incoming phone calls (usually 800 numbers or the equivalent) by presenting callers with a phone menu of items from which to choose. The IVR can process each caller's request automatically or the call can be routed to a representative of our clients.

IVR Phone Systems

ivr information phone systems DSC has developed two series of IVR telephone systems, the WIZARD IVR analog phone and the PACER IVR digital phone system. These complete call processing phone systems are provided to our clients who wish to own and maintain their own system. PACER IVR phone systems are also used exclusively at our own call centers for handling all of our clients' inbound call applications.

The WIZARD IVR phone system supports 4 to 48 analog phone lines, wherease the PACER system can support from 24 to 480 digital phone lines. The PACER IVR systems can be networked to provide a far greater number of digital line support.

IVR Software

ivr information software DSC has developed a unique interactive voice response software library that can be embedded within most modern computer programming languages including C and C++.

This IVR software uses recorded voice prompts as menus to provide callers with information maintained in the application or in remote databases or web servers. Telephone keypad entries (DTMF signals) are gathered from the caller to collect information and to provide navigation through simple to complex IVR menu structures.

DSC custom IVR software provides information back to the caller in the form of pre-recorded voice messages or data that is converted realtime using our text to speech translators. The IVR can also route the caller to a representative local to the center or transfer the call to an outside telephone number.

IVR Applications

ivr information applications DSC has developed numerous custom phone applications over the years using our IVR software and phone systems including custom telephone surveys. These applications span many different industries and community groups including schools, government organizations, businesses and private groups.

For a listing of some of our applications and clients, please visit our phone applications web page. DSC markets a telephone reassurance program called CARE (Call Reassurance) that utilizes our IVR technology.

Here is a list of some of the industries and custom applications that have been served and developed by our IVR development staff.

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