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interactive voice response applications

Custom IVR Software
Interactive Voice Response

custom IVR software Custom IVR software from Database Systems Corp. is used by our experienced programming staff to develop a wide variety of phone applications. Our developers use the latest IVR design concepts when creating these custom applications.

DSC is a leading provider of computer telephony products and applications including interactive voice response (IVR) software, services and systems.

Interactive voice response technology automates the interaction of telephone callers with a phone system. DSC IVR systems use voice recorded prompts and menus to present information to callers. Keypad (DTMF signal) entries are gathered from the caller to collect information and to provide navigation through simple to complex IVR menu structures.

DSC phone software provides information back to the caller in the form of recorded messages or converts digitally stored data using text to speech programs. The IVR can transfer the caller to a "live" agent or route the call to an outside phone number or extension.

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State Of New Jersey - Department Of Community Affairs

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"The Department of Community Affairs is dedicated to investing in our communities. Our programs - our investments - are creating neighborhoods where people want to raise families and build businesses.

The Department of Community Affairs, through its various divisions and affiliates, is making direct and positive contributions to lives on every street in New Jersey. We can help plan a town, inspect it and protect it. We can work with the town's elected officials and advocate for its residents." -

The Department of Community Affairs, State of New Jersey, has contracted with Database Systems Corp. to provide a phone information service to its residents using our phone answering software and services. This service answers calls from individuals and organizations making Freedom Of Information requests. Calls are processed automatically using our IVRS (IVR systems) and service. Our call center phone systems process these calls with prompts and menu routing, and records responses left by the callers. These voice recordings are transmitted to the state via email for subsequent fulfillment by state employees.

Custom IVR Features

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  • Client/Server Architecture
  • C or C++ library
  • Visual Basic interface
  • Extensive IVR software library of routines
  • Database Access and Update
  • Text To Speech Software (TTS)
  • Mix Messages and Text
  • Programming Wizard for Fast Development
  • DNIS Controlled
  • Multiple IVR Scripts
  • Play Message and Prompt
  • Interactive Voice Response Phone Key Input
  • Play Music On Hold
  • Call Outside Line and Transfer Call
  • Call Outside Line and Prompt for Input
  • Connect Caller to Outside party
  • Record Caller Message and Store
  • User Navigation and Selection
  • IVR Voice Mail
  • Route Caller to Selected IVR Agent Groups
  • Response Logging and Reports

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